Friday, 31 March 2017

Win a Carrero Goodies Bag!

I want to thank everyone for the continued success of The Carrero Trilogy, so in doing so I thought I would make it a little more challenging to enter.

Obviously, I want genuine readers to get a shot at winning over randoms so I decided to make you work for it a little. Don't worry, it's not hard to enter. You just have to go to Goodreads ( you may have to sign up) and leave a genuine and honest review on any of my 3 books. ( Meaning you have to have read at least one!) You cannot only leave a star rating, you must leave at least a sentence or more as a review to be counted. If you leave a review on more than one of the books you will be entered more than once.

If you have already reviewed me on Goodreads then you can review me on amazon, if you have already done that too then please leave a review as a comment on this blog for entry. I will be checking all entrants to be fair.

This is open to anyone over 18 years of age, international and will close on 1st July 2017 at midnight. Winner will be announced around a week after ( due to being away at events)

Goodreads Link!

You can find the 3 books here to review.

Amazon Link!

You can find the 3 books here to review.

What to expect in the Goodies Bag!!

I have a random collection of Carrero merchandise, so this will be varied, can be from bookmarks, stationary and magnets, to keyrings, brooches or quirky related themed items. I want to make this a surprise package so do not want to be too specific. You will also receive a letter from me which will be signed.

Want to check out my range of merchandise?

Thursday, 23 March 2017

The Carrero Trilogy - plans for a book 4.

That's right folks, you heard it here. My Carrero books have become so popular and every day a growing fan base of Jake lovers tells me how they never wanted the books to end. So, always being a people pleaser I have already laid a plot line out for book 4 and can even show you a sneak peek of the cover design we may use. ( this could change in course)

That's right. Can you guess who this book shall be about?

Because I left Jake and Emma in such a rosy place I did not want to revisit their story, although I do want them to be in the books so you can all check up on them.

Book 4 will be set 5 years on from the last page of book 3. Time to let a young Sophie reach her 20th birthday and tell you a story about being young, fun and reckless.With a best friend in the form of the very loveable and calm Arrick Carrero, this is set to be another heart-wrenching rollercoaster of emotions, as friends who are almost like siblings, find the paths they are on have other plans for them.

Arrick stole our hearts in the trilogy, now he's half a duo, another Carrero takes the crown in this Carrero book.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Life update and vlog news.

I am awfully sorry I have been very quiet lately, unfortunately, life sort of got in the way.

We have been editing books 1 and 2 of The Carrero Trilogy still and my newest book was read by 4 beta readers who then needed to sit and discuss what I needed to alter. In between I had friends from London stay with me for a few days and a lot of other life things happening too. I have pretty much had a non-stop schedule of late and trying to keep all the pieces together has been crazy.

Sadly while my life is at its most hectic I have become anaemic and have been literally fatigued as heck the last 2 weeks, only now I'm on iron tablets so hope to perk up soon. This has made well, pretty much everything, a hundred times more difficult and I'm sure everyone around me thinks I have some sort of narcolepsy.

I have been sewing my fingers to the bone on the camper van project I was lovingly assigned by my worse half and I have pretty much been a slave to work. I must say I am rather impressed with how it's turning out and will annoy you all with a full montage of pictures when it's all pretty and complete.

Writing at the moment is in limbo while we perfect the first books and re-upload them but keep your eyes peeled for the limited edition books with diff covers, coming your way soon, we will also be publishing a paperback trilogy book with all 3 books in one large novel.

On another note, I have decided to boost my youtube channel content by filming vlogs. I have absolutely no idea what I shall vlog about, maybe just life. But I intend to start soon and keep you bored to tears with my mundane chatter and heavy accent.

I'm sorry this is such a rubbish update, my head is like cotton candy and my limbs feel like lead weights. I hope to be back on form soon and bubbling away in my blog.

Leanne x

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Carrero Merchandise available now

Really love the Carrero Trilogy and want to further that love with merchandise? Yup, we have banded together with a couple of businesses and come up with official Carrero Merch!

The Carrero Trilogy is still doing well in the literature world. Why not, give it a go by reading Book 1 - The Carrero Effect.

We have badges, keyrings, bookmarks and even stationary with a lot more in design. Soon to be added to the store.

You can find all these items and more at Liana Marcel!

For the avid reader and fan of my trilogy, support the Carrero buzz and sport your very own Carrero Merchandise.

Lovingly hand packed by yours truly, with some items completely hand-crafted by me.

Stickers to adorn phones, tablets, laptops and notebooks.

Magnets to adorn any metal object.

Or keyrings to carry around. We also have necklaces in process, bags and notebooks and will have all up soon enough. So, why not support me by buying Carrero!

Saturday, 11 March 2017

An unusually quiet Saturday and some catch up.

Today is normally the day that I get my head down and go to town on anything that needs doing, be it written, domestic or manual labour. I guess having kids home on a weekend means I don't get enough 'quiet time' to work on my books so instead I get all in about the motherly - wifely duties so I can ignore them through the week.
Well, yesterday saw me home with two kids, I won't traumatise you with the fine details but let's just say it involved a child from the exorcist (both ends)  and a blocked toilet - twice, a shower hose down and a lot of Febreze and endless running around. My editor thought this was all rather hilarious, knowing my aversion to maternal instincts.
I am stuck home today awaiting a massive roll of upholstery fabric, I was dumb enough to volunteer my interior design self to the inner's of a camper van my beloved is renovating and now waiting on a  fabric roll that weighs and stands taller than me to get on with covering cushions.
You have to admit though, this fella is kinda cute.

I am rather excited to see how this baby will look all done and dusted and ready to roll.
I have a dining table piled high with crazy amounts of fabric, lining, haberdasheries etc already as YUP I am in charge of the cushions and curtains. Mehh. Joy of my life!
My book is doing really well on Amazon, or should I say trilogy and still going strong with daily downloads which pleases me immensely. You have no idea how grateful I am for the continued support and new fans I collect daily. I just want to say a huge and merry THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.
My next book is already underway. Just Rose is a soft, cosy romance and a stand alone (Thank god) Not that I didn't enjoy writing a trilogy but juggling three books that all have to tie up is really quite a challenge. I also covered a lot more gritty topics and raw emotion in Carrero that I am super glad to say are not present in my newest. It's warm, funny and family orientated and will be a breeze to work on after the all-consuming Carrero books.
I have been getting all my merchandise going for my first author signing in august. I had been invited to some in April, June, and May but I already have commitments at events connected to my online business Liana Marcel and felt the jump into other stardom ( I say sardonically) is something quite scary and needed the lengthy wait to work the courage up. I am super excited to be travelling to manchester to attend the book convention and my lil old table and Carrero stand will be awaiting your lovely presence. I'll be signing books, giving away bookmarks and smiles and most likely a nervous ball of stress. The glamorous life of a writer.
I will leave you with a lil picture to brighten our day, mine is grey and in all typical Scottish tradition sprinkled with rain, cloudy skies and the threat of another bout of snow.

Friday, 10 March 2017

My week in a rush!

 I have been crazily busy, this week and last, and it's not that exciting I can tell you. We have been working our little butts off quite obsessively re-editing Carrero 1 and 2 to get more polished copies up on amazon. At the same time, my group of wonderful beta readers read my new book and contributed to changes and criticisms which made for a fabulous meeting. I now know what I need to do to make my standalone 'Just Rose' even more spectacular.

My week included some of the more mundane tasks, tending to social media, reading through things I should know. Sending off requested info to author spotlights, and generally never leaving my desk for hours on end, getting awful neck ache, eye ache and brain ache.

My kids are now sick, I just had to wrestle with a blocked loo, in between bouts of child people's diarrhoea and vomiting and I feel like I should take a bleach bath.

On the up side, my merchandise for Carrero is coming together and will be up online today at some point. So at least that is something good right? Although I am pretty sure you're all sick of the sight of Carrero by now.

If you are looking to buy any merchandise then I will have it all listed at 

On another note, this week saw the completion of my brand new author website too. Wooohoo. This is merely a place as an online presence for those who don't use social media to keep track of important updates! 

You can visit and leave me a hello on my guest book at

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

The Carrero Effect book trailer. L.T.Marshall

The quickest post ever, to share my new Book trailer with you all. It took me forever to work out how to use Camtasia movie maker so bear with me and my ill attempt but it was something I really wanted to try, I should get brownie points for effort.


My trilogy at a glance - #thecarrerotrilogy

A quick recap of the Carrero trilogy while I work on re-edits!

 Sorry, this is a rubbish update, I am just so swamped with fixing flaws and working with beta readers on the next book release. If you want to interact with me join me on my twitter!!

Friday, 3 March 2017

Your questions answered!

As promised on my facebook post here are the answers to the questions you all posted for me.

Did you know what Book 3 was going to be about or did your 'fans' influence the storyline?

I had a plan from day one of writing my trilogy about where I wanted the books to go but mostly my characters led the story from book to book. I usually have a set start and a set end and a rough idea of direction but this can change hugely as characters develop.

What inspired you to start writing?

I have always been good at forming stories in my head and I found early in life the only way to rid myself of them was to write them down. Once I realised I had a knack for writing long stories I just started writing them more frequently.

Where do u get ur inspiration for the books from?

I can get inspiration from so many things, books, movies, songs. Things I see in life. Sometimes even a phrase someone says will spark something in my brain that will develop. I find that a simple idea will then grow in my head over days and weeks until I have enough to put it on paper.

How long from the thought process does it actually take you to have the book written?

From an idea, it normally takes a couple of weeks mulling it over then another week on research if it's in a specific place or topic and then I can write the first draft of a book in as little as two weeks. A fully finished story after a few run throughs can take a month or more on top of that depending on how focused I have been.

What inspired you to come up with Emma's s story line and background?

Honestly, a combination of things. Seeing the fifty shades movie for the first time after having never read the books, reading a book about domestic abuse and my own past life experiences all combined to give me an idea about a damaged girl. Emma was a way of working out old issues and dealing with a character with a less than happy story and I really loved the high-flying lifestyle of Fifty shades, the idea of money and power.

Does writing energise or exhaust you?

Both. Depending on what is happening in the story while I am writing I can go through phases of energy and exhaustion, it can be emotionally draining and can also be rejuvenating. I can go days on end being really intensely focused and raring to go and then other days having to force myself to continue.

Did you ever consider writing under a pseudonym?

I used to write under the name Lianna Marcel but I ended up using Liana Marcel as my artistic business name when I pursued that career. When I wanted to finally write again I had to go back to my own name when I  published books. I didn't want my books associated with my art persona as they are so very different, my art is very youthful and fun and I did not want young adults buying my book thinking it was suitable.

If you could tell your younger writing self anything, what would it be?

Don't give up on pursuing your writing, don't get bogged down in relationships too young and experience more while you can. Experiences make for better writing.

How many unpublished and half-finished books do you have?

At the moment I have about 4, in the past I had many more but if I feel a story has nowhere to go I will happily delete it. I hate having things bogging me down and as I am a self-confessed perfectionist I will go so far in a story then throw it away if I feel its lack lustre.

How many hours a day do you write?

When I am in full blown mode I can write 10 or more hours a day until I  complete one whole draft. Then I will usually have a few days of writing less before I start again.

How do you select the names of your characters?

Sometimes they just come to me as I see the characters in my head and other times they have silly meanings to me, like small personal jokes. Related to people, places or things in my life.My books are littered with personal jokes.

Do you read your book reviews?

Yes, I do, although I have to remind myself to take a lot of reviews with a pinch of salt as readers can be harsh. I do find however that you can gain a lot of constructive criticism from reviewers. 

What was your hardest scene to write?

The hardest scene to write, in book 3 were the scene in which Vanquis hurts Emma and the wedding. Firstly I have had experiences in my past that made the Vanquis scene a little hard to get through and secondly I really do not like weddings. I was practically breaking out in cold sweats trying to get through and had to have my editor talk me through while holding my hand. Lol.

Do you believe in writer’s block? 

Yes, in the same way you can have painters block when faced with a blank canvas. I do however believe there are many ways to overcome it which work for me.

Thank you all for all of your questions, I hope I answered them successfully and hope you enjoy reading my responses.

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Read book 1 Free on wattpad

Thank you to all who have continued to support me and as book 3 seems to be doing as well as the previous two I want to share with you all the start of my trilogy.

With 5 star reviews across all 3 books and all three hitting top 50 of their genres since release, I think it's about time I handed out book 1 (while we are editing it again)  to allow you to read it for yourself.

The reviews on book 3 have blown me away.

So if you want to read book 1 from any device without any special apps or downloads then you can go to watt pad, check out my profile here or simply go straight to Book 1 here.

Or simply click this mahooosive picture for book 1!
 If you love it then the remaining books are just 99p on Kindle !

Monday, 27 February 2017

Re writing Book 1 - The Carrero Effect

Thanks to the huge success of my trilogy and lots of great feedback I felt it was time to address some little minor things in book 1. Having improved greatly during the process of the three books I felt book 1 lacked the polish of book 3. So with the help of my Editor Grace we are now bringing the same improved writing to the first part of my story

Don't worry if you have the E-book of book 1 because Amazon assures me the kindles will update automatically within 7 days of uploading a new version of my manuscript and as we are not changing any of the story at all then you won't miss much. Just a better read. Anyone who has bought a paperback can email me though if they want to read a PDF of the improved version, you can contact me at 

I just feel it needs honing, the grammar and punctuation improved and better flow.

I want the books to be something I am proud of and now that I have come so much further with my writing skills I just felt I was not completely happy with the manuscript.

With the edits we will also release a limited edition version with new covers alongside the original, some excerpts in the back and possibly a sneak peek of future books.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

FREE Ebook promotion on Amazon!

5 Day Free EBook Promo

My newest book The Carrero Solution and final part to Jake and Emma's story is on Amazon for the next 5 days completely free as an EBook for your kindle. Get it today and don't delay! 

UK Version
USA Version

If you love The Carrero trilogy then check out my blog posts for some extra chapter excerpts as Jake Carrero. 

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Book 3 is now out!!!!

That's right, the long awaited finale to The Carrero Trilogy has just hit Amazon as an ebook and the paperback should be available within 24 hours!!

Excited much?

Yes, finally after all the mess ups, technology tantrums and even losing an entire edited manuscript it has finally surfaced!

Lovingly edited by the beautiful Grace Bell (G. B. Editing & PR)

 And what's better still is the playlist is already live too and can be heard right here! 

So what are we expecting from this book? Well, obviously the ultimate question! Will Jake and Emma get back together and actually make it work this time? Will Hunter man up and tell Leila he loves her? Will Marissa have her baby?